Family Travel Made Easy with 7 Seater Car Rentals in Islamabad

7 Seater Car Rentals in Islamabad

Family trips always leave unforgettable memories, but it can all be ruined without appropriate arrangement of vehicles. Let’s talk about Islamabad, a city full of cultural heritage and tourist places to be explored. You would really need a perfect ride to visit these places. That’s where our car rental service in Islamabad, GoRide, is awaiting to take you on your next trip. 

Not to forget, our 7-seater car comes in handy.our vehicles provide you with a magic solution to help you create a memorable experience in a super easy manner. Knowing that you are seated in a spacious and reliable car, you can explore the wonder of Islamabad in a stress-free manner.

We excel at making your family trip an unforgettable experience, hence you can avail our services for an enjoyable journey. 

Why Choose Our 7 Seater Car Rentals in Islamabad?

Enough Space

Since these cars are bigger, it means that they offer enough space to accommodate 7 passengers along with their luggage. Our 1500 cc vehicles namely Suzuki APV, Honda BR-V, Toyota Prado, Toyota fortune and Suzuki APV offer a comfortable ride for a trip on the longer routes. With their air conditioning system, high-profile safety features and a higher engine capacity. 

Along with these features a wider space allows the passengers to sit and stretch as per their comfort level.

Affordable Rates

Usually it is hard to coordinate two cars, hence it is better to hire one 7 Seater Car Rental to cut fuel cost. You can save a great deal of money and use it for other fun activities or enjoying yummy food along your trip. 

Whether you are planning a solo adventure, a family trip, or a business outing, our competitive prices make it easier for you to ride top quality vehicles in a cost-friendly manner. Our budget packages offer you the same service at less price, compared to our competitor.  

Easy and Handy

Our seven seaters cars are extremely comfortable, considering your mind relaxation which helps ensure that every passenger will enjoy a tension-free ride. The plush seating allows you to rest your body without getting tired on the longer routes. You can easily unwind yourself through the journey. Enjoy your cozy and enjoyable ride in a perfect environment. 

We offer you a stylish ride in our 7 Seater car rentals in Islamabad, say goodbye to the cramped spaces. 

Safety Features

We have designed our 7-seater cars keeping in view the safety standards which would help you ride with any stress. Along with the cars, what makes our service different from others are our experienced drivers who would get behind the wheels for you. Having driven various cars for years, our expert drivers pride themselves for a seamless journey, even on challenging routes. 

Their anti-lock brakes, multiple airbags and electronic stability control system helps prevent accidents as well as increase stability.

Which 7-Seater Car To Choose?

Now that you have gone through the perks of a 7 seater car, let’s have a look at the factors to be considered while hiring 7 seater car rentals in Islamabad.


While renting out a  car, it is important to consider the budget limit you have. Not to forget that you can compare the prices from other rental services to determine if your chosen service is charging you the minimum amount. 

Condition of Car

Another important factor is the condition of the car. Having a look at the interior as well as the exterior of the car can save you from unnecessary costs to be paid at the end of your ride. If necessary, you can take photographs of any damages in the car. This includes tires, car brakes, lights, spare tires, and tools, engines, and fluids. 

Customer Reviews

One thing that can save you from unnecessary costs is customer reviews of their webpage. Check out what others have experienced in their service and which recommendations they have made to make your ride comfortable. 

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Trip around Islamabad with your family could be a blast for you, hence we suggest a 7-seater car rental service. These cars would save you a lot of cost by offering a lot of room, and ease of use while ensuring the safety of every passenger. So, once you have planned to ride around Islamabad, 

You can hire their services. This way you can have a fun time along with your family and create memorable experiences. 

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