Can I perform Umrah in one day?

The minor pilgrimage known as Umrah is essential in Islam since it allows Muslims to seek blessings and soul cleansing from past sins. Umrah can be done at any time and any age. But some Muslims might wonder how much time it takes to perform Umrah. Does it take a full day or some hours? This article will discuss it in detail; keep reading the whole text till the end.

Doing the Umrah in a single day is a feasible and fulfilling experience. Careful preparation and commitment are needed to guarantee a fruitful spiritual experience on this journey. We will discuss this article from two points of view: 1; the one-day context of the Umrah package and 2; the Umrah performance in one day.

Before proceeding, please ensure that Umrah booking is not possible for one day, but you can perform Umrah rituals/steps in one day, even in hours.

Umrah rituals duration in one day

Umrah can be easily performed in one day, even if it takes some hours to conduct its rituals. A physically healthy pilgrim can perform Umrah in 4 to 5 hours just after booking the Umrah package 2024. But you should know that the time of Umrah rituals depends on factors such as crowds, weather, etc. Additionally, it may take some extra time for disabled and older pilgrims. You can exceed one more hour as you may face some issues while conducting, especially if you are a first-timer.

Preparation for Umrah in one day:

Enough planning is required before you go out on your one-day Umrah trip. Make sure you are ready for the spiritual experience, both spiritually and physically. Learn the meaning behind the Umrah rites, and become familiar with the clothing used during the trip and the necessary documents before you travel. Let’s see some of the factors:

Choose the right time:

The best planning part is selecting when to perform Umrah daily. Try visiting the holy sites at off-peak hours instead of the busy peak seasons for a more peaceful experience. In addition, be mindful of the weather, especially if you want to do Umrah during the hot summer months.

Arrive at Makkah early:

Arrive at Makkah as early as possible to maximize your one-day Umrah performance. This allows you to start your Umrah rituals as soon as possible and ensures adequate time to complete the journey.

Perform the Umrah rituals step by step:

Umrah comprises four steps: Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’ee, and Qasr. The pilgrims must perform all these rituals to ensure a fulfilling Umrah experience. Please complete all the rituals step by step and in sequence. Give the time that rituals deserve.

Pray two Rakats prayers at Maqam-e-Ibrahim:

After concluding Umrah, offer two Rakats of prayer at Maqam-e-Ibrahim. This Maqam honours the spot where Prophet Ibrahim stood when constructing the Kaaba. This is a significant place to pray when doing Umrah in Masjid al-Haram.

Visit the Prophet’s Mosque:

Visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina might be the ideal way to round off your one-day Umrah performance. This sacred site, Masjid An-Nabwi, offers Muslims a serene environment for reflection and meditation. Praying inside its sacred walls bestows benefits and a sense of tranquillity. A visit to the Prophet’s Mosque is optional in one day, as you can visit this in the remaining days of your Umrah package. Pilgrims mostly like to spend the first days in Mecca and the remaining days in Medina.


In conclusion, Umrah is a very significant act for Muslims, and you can perform this efficiently by booking Umrah travel packages. You should ensure that the booking can’t be for one day, but your Umrah will take only a few hours to conduct it. Make sure to know the Umrah performance steps to achieve this correctly.

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