How to Blog and Make Money in 2024

Whether you’re a new or experienced blogger, monetizing your blog is key to sustain it as an online business. Fortunately, there are more blogger income opportunities now than ever before.

Unfortunately, not every blogger can make millions through their website. The income potential of your blog depends on two factors:

  • Your niche. Do people spend large sums of money on products in your industry? The software industry, for example, can be lucrative, since many companies pay recurring commission. Bloggers can earn small amounts each month, long after the customer made the purchase.
  • Your monetization strategies. Some blog monetization methods are off the table for new bloggers who want to stick to their core values—like not being paid to post content you don’t agree with. This can impact earning potential in the short term.

In this guide, we’ll cover proven strategies, programs, and platforms to earn money blogging in 2024.

Let’s dive in!

Why Blog for Money?

Before we get into how – let’s cover the reasons blogging for profit is so appealing:

  • Turn your passion into full-time income
  • Enjoy location and time freedom
  • Build a valuable online asset over time
  • Express your creativity through content
  • Impact and help others
  • Learn new skills and self-improvement

Blogging opens up numerous lifestyle possibilities that rigid jobs simply can’t provide.

5 Key Ways Bloggers Make Money Online

While blogging revenue sources overlap a lot, here are 5 core models bloggers use:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting relevant products and services and earning a commission per sale or lead. Example programs:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Software affiliate programs
  • ShareASale
  • FlexOffers

Affiliate earnings can really compound the more content you publish.

2. Display Advertising

Placing pay-per-click or pay-per-impression ads like Google AdSense. You earn when visitors view or click ads.

3. Sponsored Posts / Reviews

Create specialized content promoting or reviewing brands and products for a sponsored fee.

4. Digital Products

Sell your own eBooks, courses, subscriptions, software as a blogger. Great for established experts.

5. Consulting / Services

Offer your blogging skills and expertise as a service e.g. site audits, coaching, freelance writing.

As you can see, numerous options fit different blogger skill sets and experience levels.

7 Keys to Earning More Money Blogging

While monetizing your blog takes work, maximize income potential with these tips:

  • Choose a profitable niche: Consider search volume, competition levels, commission rates.
  • Provide long-form value content: Target informational keywords and answer audience questions.
  • Update and refresh old content: Repurpose evergreen content over time for better traction.
  • Mix income stream models: Combine affiliate promotions, advertising, products, and more for diversity.
  • List build from day one: Email subscribers are key for higher conversion rates and customer lifetime value.
  • Go beyond text content: Create YouTube videos, podcasts, graphics and more.
  • Track income metrics: Analyze your top pages, referrals, and promotions month-to-month.

Stick to these best practices for sustainable, diverse blogger income.

Start Monetizing Your Blog Today

Hopefully you’re now excited about the blogger income potential for 2024 and beyond!

With numerous options to mix and match, focus on providing amazing value to your readers first. Income growth naturally follows.

Check out blogger starter tips in the money-making blueprint guide here. Time to turn your passion into profit!


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