How to Reuse Old Gift Boxes?

You have come to the right place if you don’t know what to do with old gift boxes. 

We all have plenty of gift boxes lying around in the house, taking up space that we can probably use for something better. However, most of us still keep them lying there because they are too good to be discarded, and why make such a waste when you can use them in your house for other purposes?

Reusing old gift boxes is a popular practice, and a lot of people use them in extremely creative ways. A gift box is mostly a rigid box designed to keep the products safe. However, what’s the use of it after serving its purpose? We will share multiple ways you can reuse your old gift boxes to ensure that nothing goes to waste and you make the most of your gift box packaging in the UK.

Make Your Gift Box a Place For Your Pet

Many people have pets in their homes, and this gives them a great use for gift boxes. If you have gift boxes that are big enough to fit your pet, you can decorate them with some things and make them a bed for your pet. You don’t necessarily need to make a bed out of them, but cardboard tubes can also be used by cats. If you are a cat parent and have cardboard tubes lying around, your cats would love to go inside and sit there to relax.

Use it for Stationery.

If you have cardboard boxes lying around, they can make the perfect stationery. Some people are creative when it comes to homemade stationery, and it always looks interesting. You can cut the cardboard box into small pieces, turn them into little cards and write short messages or quotes. You can hang them on your walls, or you can give your guests little thank-you notes when they come. Both of these uses are unique and will make you stand out.

Make Dividers With Them

If you like to keep things organised, there’s no better reuse of old gift boxes than this. Oftentimes we find our stuff mixed and unorganised in our drawers, this might not affect most people but organised people would surely not like it. You can use cardboard boxes to create dividers for your drawer. Simply cut it in a way to make multiple small compartments, and then place the divider in your drawer. It will keep things separated, and you can easily find what you are looking for.

Make a Bookshelf With Them

If your bookshelf is overflowing and you need more space to store your books, you can use your cardboard boxes for it. Attach your rigid box one over another until it takes the shape of a bookshelf. Once you have built the DIY bookshelf, you can put your books on it and enjoy reading.

Make Toys For Your Pets

You can find many creative ways to make toys for your pets with old boxes. This might require a little research as you will need to think about what your pets might find interesting, and then you can start turning the boxes into toys for them. 

Decorate Them for a Kid’s Party

If you are thinking of throwing a part for your children, we have the perfect use of your old gift boxes. You must be giving gifts and souvenirs to the guests; you can use your old gift boxes to pack those gifts and send them to your guests. If you have a good hand with art, it won’t be difficult for you to decorate the gift boxes, and you can also create wall art with them in different ways.

Store Anything You Want

If you cannot find anything useful to do with your old gift boxes, you can simply use them to store things in one place. This is still better than letting the gift boxes lying around. It will help you keep things in one place. You can store them together in a box and name the box so it becomes easier for you to find what you are looking for.


There are many things you can do to utilise your old gift boxes in the best possible way. People are more aware of the consequences waste has on the world’s sustainability, and this is the reason why reusing has become a trend nowadays. You should also find ways to reuse your old boxes so they don’t go to waste. Using them to their full potential will also help you in many ways, but most importantly, it boosts your creativity.

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