Kerala Backwaters Travel: Best Waterway Adventures for Your Honeymoon

Kerala, aptly called God’s Own Country, is a land of charming beauty. The Kerala backwaters travel offers an ideal setting like no other. Here nature weaves a charming weave of lush landscapes, serene backwaters, and vibrant culture.

They are firstly perfect for honeymoon couples seeking a blend of romance, thrill and peace. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the best water way thrills for your honeymoon. So lets embark on a pleasant journey from Mumbai to the scenic backwaters of Kerala.

1: The Houseboat Experience in Alleppey

A houseboat stay is a must have experience in Kerala. Your Kerala backwaters travel begins in Alleppey, that is known as the Venice of the East.

Here, the unique houseboat tour further awaits for you. These local Kettuvallam are further designed, with all the modern amenities and comforts. Above all, making them a perfect floating home for newly wed couples.

Picture yourself gliding on the backwaters, between swaying palm trees, charming villages, and emerald paddy fields. The gentle rocking of the houseboat and the soothing sounds of water create an intimate ambiance.

That further seems like it is tailor made for romance. Enjoy Kerala cuisine made by onboard chef as you witness the sun setting below the horizon. It meanwhile paints the sky with hues of pink and orange.

2: Lavish Backwater Resorts

While house boats offer a unique stays, some couples prefer the comfort of a backwater resort. Kerala boasts an array of unique water front resorts that provide direct access to backwaters.

These resorts meanwhile feature private villas. That further offers stunning water views, plunge pools, and in person service.

Wake up to the sight of sun casting a golden glow on the tranquil waters. Spend your days pampering yourselves with couples’ spa treatments. Take a dip in your private pool, or simply relax on your private deck.

Above all, soak in the stunning ambiance. Many of these resorts offer romantic candle light dinners by the water’s edge. That further helps to create the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon trip at easily.

3: Seeing the Beauty of Kumarakom

For couples seeking a more secluded and off the beaten path experience, choose Kumarakom. That further offers a scenic option to Alleppey.

Near the Kottayam, Kumarakom is famous for its complex network of canals. The charming Vembanad Lake, and serene back waters are also famous here.

It is home to the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Here you can enjoy a pleasant stroll amidst lush ambiance while spotting various avian species. In addition, you can rent a canoe or kayak to explore the narrower waterways.

Meanwhile, immerse yourselves in the peace and beauty of the backwaters. The seclusion and natural charm of Kumarakom make it a great choice. It allows the couples to seek an intimate and calm retreat.

4: Village Walks and Cultural Learning

To truly know the essence of Kerala’s backwaters, take village walks. Immerse in the local culture with seeing the rural areas nearby the waterways. Above all, Kerala’s rural regions are famous for their warm welcome and local way of life.

Engage in things for example pottery making. Take cooking classes to learn how to prepare real Kerala dishes.

Meanwhile, enjoy a local Kathakali dance programs. They will firstly deepen your bond with the local culture. Meanwhile, it also provide you with pleasant moments to cherish as a couple.

5: Canoeing in Kuttanad

Kuttanad, often known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala, is a unique backwater region. It is famous for its below sea level farming.

It’s a great place for a more thrilling and active honeymoon tour. Moreover, you can rent a canoe and paddle through the narrow canals. They will further get a glimpse of the daily life of the locals.

Explore vibrant green rice paddies, serene coconut groves, and charming regions along your way. The peace of Kuttanad meanwhile offer a serene and pleasant escape from the city life.

Canoeing with each other through this scenic landscape can be a deeply pleasant and unique experience. Above all, they will no doubt become a pleasant joy.

6: Unwind and Reconnect

A honeymoon in Kerala’s backwaters is the chance to unwind and reconnect as a couple. Enjoy the slow pace of life with the natural beauty. Immerse in the simplicity of the ambiance that allow you to savor each very moment together.

Here, you may watch the world go by from your houseboat. During night, you can enjoy a private dinner under the stars. Meanwhile, take an easy walk along the water’s edge. In short, every experience is a chance to celebrate your honeymoon.


A honeymoon in Kerala’s backwaters, starting from Mumbai, is a great journey. That will take you to a world of romance, thrill and stunning beauty. You may firstly choose to cruise the backwaters on a local houseboat in Alleppey.

Meanwhile, indulge in comfort at a water front resort and explore the beauty of Kumarakom. Engage in rural walks and cultural learning, or embark on a canoeing adventure in Kuttanad. In short, Kerala backwaters travel offer the perfect canvas for your love story.

Its serene waterways, lush landscapes, and warm hospitality of the locals make Kerala an ideal destination. The honeymoon couples may seek a romantic and tranquil escape. So, pack your bags and leave behind the bustling city life of Mumbai.

Embrace the peace of Kerala’s backwaters for a honeymoon. It will further create lasting joys of your love and adventure. Let the magic of God’s Own Country set the stage for a truly enjoyable journey. During which, you are going to begin your married life together.

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