OxyContin Addiction and Treatment

OxyContin is a medication for severe or chronic pain. Because of its ingredients and properties, it is very addictive. Many users are dependent on the substance, and it has the potential to impact their every day do. It is essential to understand the legal usage of this drug that could trigger addict, and how addiction can be handle.


What is OxyContin and Why is It Prescribe?

OxyContin is the trademark name for a substance that contains oxycodone as its active ingredient. It’s a medicine create to relieve pain. It is an opioid analgesic frequent use to treat anything from cancer to arthritis. It’s compare to morphine and is use in a variety of medications, along with other. For example Percocet is a mix of acetaminophen as well as Oxycodone. Percodan is a combination of aspirin and oxycodone.

One of the most note advantage of OxyContin that has made it an enormous success is it time-release formula that provide as long as 12 hours of relief to people suffer from chronic pain. OxyContin contain between 10 and milligram Oxycodone in each dose. OxyContin has prove to be benefit for many people suffer from chronic pain who require medications all day long. As oppose to take painkiller every four hours patient can avail of twelve hours of uninterrupt sleep without taking an additional pain medicine.

Because of the formula of time release that OxyContin is formulate with, it’s appropriate for those who are look to relieve pain. If you take it according to prescription, the medicine is release into the system in small amounts at a time. It does cause feelings of euphoria, which is often associate with addiction.

Why OxyContin is Abuse

A lot of people use the drug without issue. But, it can be associate with an increase risk of addiction if it is used in according with the supervision by an experience medical special. If you are use buying oxycontin online to treat addict and the use is take it more often than the prescribe. The body begin to become use to it and can function without it. Any person who has had a history of abuse and addiction is like to be addict to OxyContin.

If it broke, It release the whole substance in one go, rather than being an liquid that is release over time. Any person who uses OxyContin will feel the full effects immediate which will result in a feel that is power compare to the one experience by heroin. It is a possible to take snort when the pill has been broken or consume in an ingest. It can also be add to liquids or inject for a quicker reaction.

OxyContin is available on streets under a variety of names, such as the follow:

Hillbilly Heroin




Although Oxycodone is a prescription medicine, is widely misused over the years, the problem became more serious following the release of OxyContin in 1996. Although there are some people who drank more than what was prescribed however, the majority of users are teens who start with prescription medications to gain a high, before moving on to illicit substances. They may take it from their friends and relatives who have been legally prescribed, or be given it from someone they know at a party.

A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2015 showed that at the very least 3.7 percent of adolescents in the 12th grade had used OxyContin on their own without a prescription. Most of them start with a casual use at gatherings or with peers. They don’t realize their addiction’s dangers until to late.

Recently, the maker of OxyContin changed the formula to avoid crushing it to comply with the regulations of the government. Although this could make it harder for some to use OxyContin but it won’t stop it from happening entirely. You can use multiple pills to experience identical “high” as they did when they smashed the substance.

OxyContin and Heroin

Another risk that comes with OxyContin use is the possibility of it leading to addiction to heroin and drug use. Because the two substances have a lot in common and a person could switch to heroin if not able to get prescription drugs or when it’s not working.


Dealers who make OxyContin for sale on the streets could contain heroin, which they encourage users to take a shot of because they are aware that it could be more addictive. Also, it’s less expensive, which means it’s more accessible. However young professionals and people who earn more money could be at risk of turning to heroin when they quit taking OxyContin. Because heroin is frequently mixed with other chemicals and compounds, it can be dangerous and lead to overdoses and other health problems.

Signs of OxyContin Addiction

The signs signs of dependence to OxyContin are like other drugs that are illegal and prescribed only. The person who is addicted will take the drug more often and in greater doses because the dosage initially taken does not produce the same effect. Other signs of addiction to OxyContin include:

One would rather use the drug than to do any other thing

The user can suspend other activities in order to remain elevated for a short period of time.

The user buys more of drugs to avoid withdrawal

They are lying to conceal drug use

The person may not remember certain events or activities when they are drunk, or completely blacked out due to the effects of a drug.

In addition, the behavior of a person could alter. They could be prone to mood swings as well as violent tempers. They might also be hyper and active at times, but it is then accompanied by fatigue and feeling of fatigue. They can cause a lot of irritation to their family or friends and begin having social gatherings with other friends who are taking.

Someone who is in trouble usually is the one who steals money from friends they know, or possessions which they then sell to fund their addiction. There are also physical changes. They lose weight, don’t are concerned about their appearance and have difficulty talking and shaking.

Side Effects of OxyContin Abuse

People who take OxyContin may suffer serious physical adverse effects. The risk of an overdose is high because buy oxycontin online isn’t so dangerous as it seems and people who use it believe that they can handle the dosage. One of the most significant concerns is the greater risk of dying due to the massive amount of OxyContin. Other side effects include the these:

Itching or rashes

The chest is tight.

Feeling dizzy or lightheaded



The cold, sweaty and cold.

The swelling is visible on the face or in the neck.


Changes in heart rate

Breathing difficulty or slowed breathing

Shakeiness of hands, feet or at the extremities

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is essential to seek medical assistance immediately.

Eliminating OxyContin

If someone is unable to take more doses or if they begin going through detoxification, they’re most likely to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. They could be extremely lengthy and severe, depending on the quantity of drug was consumed and the frequency at which it was.

Within the first eight hours following the dose, patients may be prone to craving for more. There is a chance of extreme mood swings that range from anxiety to depression. It is possible that they will experience slight dysphoria.

In the first few days, there is a normal tendency for a patient to feel sick for as long as 24 hours. In this time, it is possible to experience stomach cramps, a rinse of the eyes and nose that is fluid. They might sweat heavily and feel being uncomfortable. They may not be able to sleep.

The third stage may last several days. At this point patients can feel fever, chills, and muscle spasms. They might feel sick or have a bowel motion. They could have diarrhea and an rise in heart rate and blood pressure.

Although withdrawal symptoms aren’t generally life-threatening, they’re often an indicator of relapse, in the event that a person doesn’t go to a rehabilitation center. If a person has medical conditions, the effects of withdrawal may be serious and can cause death. This is the reason it is not recommended to withdraw from Oxycontin on its own.

Treatment for OxyContin Abuse and Addiction

Once the patient has finished detox, they’ll be able to begin treatment for their addiction to OxyContin. It can happen at a rehabilitation center for inpatients or in an outpatient. For those who suffer from severe addiction Residential rehab programs provide an additional level of support.

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