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Check out this blog post, which provides over 200 self-care suggestions and exercises. You can also read on to find 13 blogs on self-care worth checking out for the helpful details they offer about how you can better take good care of yourself.

How important is self-care really? Why should we take care of ourselves, particularly in a world where people consider self-care a frivolous activity that resembles vanity?

The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care refers to taking note of your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs and implementing the appropriate actions to improve your health. (Learn about the different types of self-care here.) If you don’t take care of yourself regularly, you’ll be more prone to illness and succumbing to anxiety, stress and depression.

These blogs will teach how to make the time out of your hectic schedule to focus on self-care and keep you healthy, sane and content. These blogs will help you establish an attitude of caring for yourself better.

The Blissful Mind

Catherine, the blog’s owner, has a primary goal. is to assist readers in “focusing on what matters.” Being a self-described perfectionist and overthinker, Catherine’s past life was a constant source of anxiety and stress.

After recognizing that she had to be away from work and focus on her requirements, life became much more fulfilling for Catherine.

Her blog has assisted many people in accomplishing these things:

Create a positive mental attitude

Incorporate self-care practices into their daily routines

Learn effective time management

This blog is worth reading if you’re seeking ways to balance work and life. It is also an excellent resource for people trying to live a genuine life filled with meaning, peace and joy.

Self-Care Pursuit

If you need some help to begin your self-care journey, the blog you’re reading is worth reading. Its author, Sarah, is a health professional and certified life coach.

Her ten and a half years of experience in the field makes her blog among the best sources on how to make your ideal life. On the blog, you’ll discover posts about setting goals, healthy lifestyles, and activities you enjoy.


Are you fed up with blogs that are too pessimistic or serious in their treatment of self-care? This blog provides a refreshing approach to life and encourages readers to be grateful for bright, vibrant, and happy things.

The author at the helm of this book is Mary, who assists readers on their journeys towards self-love. In the process, she helps them learn how to increase confidence in themselves, meet their targets, and take care of them more positively.

Blessing Manifesting

Are you looking for resources on mental health concerns but don’t want to get overwhelmed by how they’re discussed on other blogs? The blessing of Manifesting can help you gain an original perspective on ensuring that you are in good mental health.

As with other blogs on self-care and mental health issues, the articles here inspire you to remain optimistic despite the many difficulties you’ll encounter throughout your life. But, the blog is characterized by an uplifting atmosphere. Every post is accompanied by captivating infographics highlighting the most critical aspects of the subject the blog discusses.

The Elgin Avenue

Monica Beatrice Welburn is the creator of this blog, and her goal is to provide information to readers on the path to a life filled with happiness and fashion.

Readers can find articles about fashion, health, relationships, and careers. The site is elegant. With its stunning photography and scholarly writing, the blog encourages you to lead your desired life.

Sunday Chapter

Self-care is about doing things that give you pleasure. Angela writes about her experiences with fashion, beauty and travel in this blog. The goal of her blog is to encourage you to do more of the things you enjoy.

If you’re a fan of adventures, traveling, exploring new destinations, and figuring out how to be fashionable and happy simultaneously, this blog is worth checking out.

The Wonder Forest Blog

If you are looking for inspiring resources to jumpstart your creativity, especially on rest days, look no further than this blog. It has a playful feel that is evident from its name to the blog posts written by the proprietor, Dana Fox.

Dana offers many DIY projects for all seasons. Her suggestions for creating a warm and inviting home may be what you require to transform your living space into a place of peace and comfort.

In addition to providing suggestions for making your home more beautiful, The blog urges readers to make time for activities that bring happiness and positive change.

The Sunshine Suitcase

The Sunshine Suitcase was created by Summer, a blogger in Hawaii. Her primary focus is helping others lead “a life they don’t need a vacation from.”

Her posts cover self-care, mental wellness, and personal development. Find ways to show your best version of yourself to the world by following her suggestions and tips to treat yourself better.

Self Care Every D*mn Day

The primary goal of Stephanie’s blog is to reveal the reader’s self-limiting thoughts and to empower readers to challenge these beliefs. Her blog could assist you greatly if you’re looking for some motivation and help in moving past the hurt you’ve felt through the years.

If you check out our blog site, you can read posts on the writing process, love relationships, building self-esteem, self-care, and more.


The official website of the National Alliance on Mental Illness has a well-curated blog about mental health. It has well-researched and informative articles that encourage healing, acceptance, and help for those suffering or who have been through issues related to mental health.

The site’s goal is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health concerns. So, you can find inspirational articles about recovery, strategies to cope and information about treatment for the mentioned issues.

The Zen Teacher

The founder of this blog is Dan Tricarico, a high school English teacher and the creator of two works, Sanctuaries: Self-Care Tips for stressed-out teachers and The Zen Teacher: Creating focus, simplicity and Peace at Work.

As you can probably see by the title of his books, the content he writes is targeted towards teachers who require effective methods to take care of their own needs while working in a challenging job.

The topics discussed on the blog include:

Self-care that is intentional and consciously planned

Teachers’ wellbeing and wellbeing




Kathryn Ford Richter

Kathryn’s website is an easy-to-use resource for mindfulness and self-care. She is a certified coach specializing in essential oils, positive mindsets, yoga and positivity.

If you visit her friend’s blog, you’ll be reminded to be gentle. In the blog, you’ll find helpful ways and tips for self-care, managing time, food, relationships and overall well being.

Self-Care With Gracy

While this blog’s author is currently on hiatus, the blog remains an authoritative source for self-care. The posts of Gracy are similar to talking with an acquaintance who wants to do the best for you.

Gracy is a mother of two and a coach who specializes in self-care. In addition, she’s certified as a yoga instructor and is the creator of her self-care book.

Final Words About Self-Care Blogs

Self-care only requires a small amount of money or much work. But we need others to teach us how to care for ourselves correctly.The self-care blogs that are featured in the present can be a

guide to living a lifestyle that is focused on our requirements. Ultimately, we can give our best to those around us when we’re happy and healthy.

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