The 2024 Guide and Examples for Google My Business Attributes

The 2024 Guide and Examples for Google My Business Attributes

Keeping abreast of the changing digital world is an ongoing challenge that businesses must deal with. In this case, you will be using Google My Business (GMB) as a very potent means that can work real wonders in your online presence. Let’s go a step further and discover what lies behind GMB attributes with examples of how they are significant in the cyber world.

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What are Google My Business Characteristics?

These are details about your business that aid Google as well as people searching for information to comprehend what exactly is in store. The attributes include different aspects such as your industry type or classification, the operating hours of the business premises, and the physical characteristics that allow convenient access to the goods and services offered. When used correctly, attributes help boost your local SEO and make your business visible to your competitors.

Guidance for the attributes of GMB in 2024

It’s important to refresh your GMB profile every year. Make the most of them with this comprehensive briefing.

  1. Primary and Additional Categories

Primary Category:

The core of your business is determined by your main category. As the first impression, make a wise choice. In this case, for example, your main category would be ‘Bakery’.

Additional Categories:

They help give a better picture of what your company does. Add another category of ‘Coffee Shop’ if your bakery sells coffee.

For example: if you own a bookshop in India. Bookstore is your primary category, and Educational Supply Store is your extra category.

  1. Attributes for Specific Business Types

Every company provides a different product and service, which allows its target consumers to make informed choices. If your organization is operating as a restaurant, health care provider, or service-based firm, always have the right responses in these fields.

For instance, GMB provides attributes for operation in a healthcare clinic: ‘Accepting New Patients’ and ‘Women-Led’.

  1. Service Area

In this case, for instance, you may identify your service area by indicating the customers it targets. It is important, especially for small businesses operating without a centralized physical location and providing services at multiple points.

Example: To make them the best of its kind in India, their service area attributes can be “national” or “international”.

  1. Business Hours

Any business must observe accurate business hours for customer convenience. Verify that your GMB profile accurately reflects your normal working hours as well as special operating hours for holidays.

Example: The special hours attribute should contain details about a restaurant’s expanded opening hours during festive periods.

  1. Accessibility Attributes

Show support for inclusiveness and put the phrase ‘Wheelchair Accessible Entrance’ or ‘Braille Menu Available’ on your signs that will make your business easier to access.

Example: A hotel can consider adding the attribute “accessible rooms” to cater to the special needs of its visitors.

  1. Online Appointments and Reservations

If customers can book appointments or make reservations online in your business, enable these features. This simplifies the booking procedure and promotes more conversations.

Example: A spa could include “Online Appointments” on its menu of services to simplify reservation procedures.

  1. Product and Service Attributes

These are your chances to present particular goods or services. You can view it as an electronic catalog that sells your prospective customers what they want.

Example: The features may include ‘Rose Floral Bouquet’ and ‘wedding flower arrangements’ when a business is floristic.

  1. COVID-19 Updates

Sharing your safety measures in the post-pandemic world is essential. For example, wearing a mask or maintaining physical distance from others is expected in GMB.

Example: A yoga studio may post “Masks Required” and “Social Distancing Enforced”.

  1. Attributes for Food-Related Businesses

It is good news if your business is based on food. To catch a hungry customer, GMB gives attributes like “takeout,” “delivery,” and “outdoor seating.”

Example: A cafe may have “takeout” and “outdoor seating” characteristics to deal with different customers’ needs.

  1. Service-Specific Attributes

While GMB’s features vary based on your business, industry-specific features are provided by GMB. For instance, as an electrician, you could include a “24-Hour Emergency Service” to attract customers.

Effects of GMB Attributes on Your Business

Your online success depends on understanding the impact of GMB attributes. Do these attributes really help you increase visibility and attract customers?

  1. Improved Search Ranking

The knowledge about your business comes from your GMB profile. Your local search rankings may heavily depend on accurate attributes, especially your main category. If you are not sure how things will work, consider having services from our best SEO company in India.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers can interact better with your business through attributes such as business hours, accessibility, or online booking. Smooth customer interaction may create positive reviews and increase purchase intention.

  1. Better Click-Through Rates

Better CTRs are expected by making GMB profiles more accurate and thorough. Customers are more likely to come to your website or call you when they have enough details about something!

  1. Attracting the Right Audience

An attribute is what will bring in the right crowd. Vegetarian-friendly is an attribute that specifies that you are addressing the appropriate customers if you are running a vegetarian restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Attributing is important because it increases your online presence where potential clients are attracted. Thus, maintain the accuracy of your GMB attributes that help enhance SEO and customer engagement by updating them as we proceed into 2024. A well-optimized GMB will help you stand out from other businesses amidst strong competition in today’s digital world.

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