The Griddle: The Ultimate Cooking Companion

The griddle is a versatile powerhouse, perfect for creating a wide range of delicious dishes. From scones, breads, and pancakes to seafood, meat, and vegetables, the griddles does it all. Whether whipping up a hearty breakfast or a sizzling burger, the griddle is the go-to tool for flavorful meals right at home.

When choosing a griddle, consider the shape, size, and material that best suits home cooking needs. Whether opting for the classic cast iron griddle for its durability and nonstick properties, or the lightweight convenience of nonstick aluminum, the griddle brings style, functionality, and convenience to any kitchen.

The griddle’s shallow sides make it a breeze to flip and cook a variety of foods simultaneously, providing the freedom to experiment with different recipes and flavors. Say goodbye to takeout and say hello to the joy of cooking with a griddle in the kitchen.

Experience the convenience, sheer functionality, and versatility of the griddle and elevate home cooking to new heights.

The Classic Griddle.

The classic griddle, a versatile culinary essential, has a flat plate that seamlessly integrates into any range top or burner. With the capacity to fit over two burners on a standard cooking top, the classic griddle makes it easy to effortlessly prepare pancakes and such for four or more individuals simultaneously. 

The adaptability of the classic griddle extends itself to outdoor use as well as on a campfire or grill, providing a convenient solution for all outdoor cooking needs. Additionally, many classic griddles are reversible, offering a grill with raised cooking ridges on the opposite side and a flat surface on the other, adding even more versatility to this indispensable cooking accessory.

The Pan Griddle.

A griddle pan or pan griddle is designed to fit over one burner, making it the perfect option for cooking smaller meals. Its space-saving design makes it ideal for compact kitchens and smaller households. 

In addition to its practicality, the pan griddle gives more cooking flexibility in the kitchen like easily searing a steak on the stovetop and then seamlessly transferring the pan to the oven to finish cooking. The handle on the pan griddle ensures convenient and safe transfer between the stovetop and oven, to add further convenience, and safety, to the cooking experience.

The Electric Griddle.

Discover the convenience of having an electric griddle. These unique stand-alone appliances are designed for convenient and instant cooking with easy storage and cleaning. Additionally, the electric griddle distributes heat more evenly on its surface than traditional stovetop griddles and can be safely used on any kitchen table or counter. The electric griddle makes cooking eggs and toast easy, fast, and safe for hassle-free breakfast cooking.

Three reasons why a griddle is a must-add item to any cookware collection.

While fry pans, saucepans, and sauté pans are essential kitchen cooking accessories, the griddle introduces a whole new world of cooking style and convenience. Here are three reasons why having a griddle in the kitchen is essential:

  1. Having a griddle makes it easy to cook for a crowd.

A griddle’s flat surface, heated by burners underneath, makes it perfect for cooking for large groups. Whether making breakfast for a family or hosting a dinner party, a griddle can handle cooking large meals with ease. A griddle also makes it easy to quickly cook bacon and eggs together, grill steak and veggies together for dinner, and even warm tortillas with other food, thanks to the large cooking surface, and small lip to control drips, of the versatile griddle.

  1. It is easy to make food crispy and flavorful when cooked in a griddle.

Sometimes it can be hard to get hash browns perfectly crisp at home. But with a griddle, the problem is solved and breakfast becomes the most looked-forward-to meal of the day. 

The fact that some griddles are made of aluminum, the important ultra-even heating characteristic of an aluminum griddle gives a beautiful browning and crispy effect to food while providing it a flavorful sear as well. 

Grilled cheese gets crunchier and melty when cooked in a griddle, burgers get perfectly browned but still stay moist in the middle, hash browns are perfectly crispy, and pancakes are cooked to perfection. 

  1. A griddle is versatile.

A griddle can truly cook anything from vegetables to meat, and fish. A griddle can tackle crêpes to sunny side eggs. From searing, and frying, to browning, a griddle can do it all due to its surface area and shallow sides. Having one piece of cookware that can be the right tool for the job and is a workhorse for cooking will turn any home cook into a home chef every day.

Choosing the perfect griddle?

Depending on the household size and the cooking uses, a griddle comes in a variety of sizes and features with griddles perfectly sized to fit over two burners to griddles that have high walls to keep grease and other mess contained. 

A griddle can also come with a sloped surface to ensure that grease and liquid drain away from food towards a convenient side collection well at the front of the griddle. A griddle also comes in mini, square, and large two burner sizes, with or without handles, to make it easy to transition from the stovetop into the oven to finish a meal off or keep food warm until a meal is ready to be served.

Advantages of a griddle as a cooking accessory.

  • A griddle is versatile, and compatible with all gas, electric, and induction cooktops, as well as open campfire flames, providing unparalleled cooking convenience and flexibility.
  • The ample surface area of a griddle ensures maximized cooking space, allowing for the preparation of various food types simultaneously without overcrowding.
  • Equipped with dual zone cooking capabilities, a griddle maintains different temperatures across its surface, making it ideal for searing meats on one side while keeping vegetables warm on the other, facilitating the preparation of complete meals with ease.
  • A griddle exhibits exceptional heat endurance, enabling it to withstand high temperatures without compromising performance, resulting in perfectly cooked pancakes, well-seared steaks, and tender, flavorful burgers.
  • Meticulously designed with performance and tradition in mind, a griddle features raised handles for easy and secure handling, with select models offering an optional leather handle, adding a touch of comfort and style to any kitchen.
  • Modern griddles also come pre-seasoned, eliminating the need for time-consuming seasoning processes, and are always ready for immediate use.
  • The reinforced sides and meticulously welded side walls of a modern griddle ensure contained cooking, with each griddle capable of handling substantial liquid volumes without spillage.
  • A griddle offers limitless cooking possibilities, boasting versatility in preparing a wide range of foods more efficiently than traditional methods. Its generous surface area significantly reduces food preparation time. 

Moreover, a griddle provides consistent heating, quick heating, ease of cleaning, space-saving attributes, and energy efficiency, making it a valuable investment for any kitchen.

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