Top Data Scientist Courses in Pune with Hands-on Projects – A 2024 Update

Pune: The phenomenal expansion of data science throughout global businesses alters the career outlook in Pune. Working professionals continuously face fierce career competition due to a fast-paced rise of undeniable tech creations. Flexible integration of data science with diversified sectors in Pune crafts a compelling career for many experts. On the other hand, reskilling or upskilling approaches with practically proven tools are presently in talks. Thus, experts prefer enrolling in an industry-driven data scientist course in Pune with a hands-on learning scope.

Let’s review top data science courses available in Pune that offer theoretical and practical learning scope with real-time projects.

Enlisting Top Data Science Courses in Pune with Hands-on Projects

1.    ExcelR

ExcelR is one of the leading professional training centers with exclusive offerings of data science courses throughout Pune. Here, experts can learn vital data science concepts as per the current trends via a leading-edge curriculum. Learning with ExcelR is worth it as it equips learners with the latest trends beneficial for thriving throughout digitization.

ExcelR offers a project-based learning scope via real-time projects in diversified domains. It includes aviation, manufacturing, oil & gas, automotive, daily analysis of a product, and e-commerce. Learners get the scope of project-based experience to tackle real-world problems tactfully. Such projects help learners learn the ways to use various data-driven tools for different functions.

2.    3RI Technologies

3RI is another leading training institution that supports real-time upskilling according to the latest trends. Working experts from diversified fields enroll in this learning center to get versed in industry-specific uses of data tools. Professionals eager to modernize their careers in data science can enroll in courses provided here and enrich their knowledge base.

3RI offers cutting-edge training in leading domains like finance, healthcare, mechanical engineering, and sales/demand forecasting. Here, experts learn about real-world uses of data science tools in various tasks or functions. Experts work on real-time projects under the guidance of industry experts and create models as per real-world scenarios. It helps them handle diverse instances with proven expertise.

3.    Learnbay

Learnbay is widely popular in Pune for its front-age upskilling programs driving global-scale career growth and success. Its live instructor-led training sessions from industry experts guide experts to redefine themselves. GenAI-rich course modules help experts gain a 360-degree knowledge-building experience with 12+ real-time projects.

Learnbay offers domain-specific data science courses that enrich career potential with alluring prospects. The trending domain electives are BFSI, supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, HR, and marketing. Here, experts will gain hands-on learning experience via projects that widen their exposure to real-world issues. It guides learners to craft a successful career with global-level job prospects in diverse industries.

4.    Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the best data science course providers throughout Pune with an inclusive learning environment. Experts gain competitive skills with Python, Tableau, and other leading tools via world-class training sessions. Its GenAI-driven courses justify the career transition metrics with vital gains. Its dedicated mentorship guides experts in thorough data analysis and related tasks.

Regardless of the hefty data science course in Pune fees, many working experts join Simplilearn for its advantageous upskilling courses. It offers domain-specific training to refine preexisting skills for attaining proven success. Here, experts can choose any domain – E-commerce, telecom, workforce analytics, retail, healthcare, insurance, banking, stock market, etc. Learning via projects helps experts have a competitive career and thrive globally with leading jobs.

5.    Datamites

Datamites is one of the globally recognized data science service providers with leading-edge courses. Here, learners get virtual, live classroom, and blended training sessions with industry experts. Its globally-accredited certifications help experts craft an undeniable career with specialized learning.

Datamites offers case studies and project-based learning scope with real-world business cases. Experts can learn the leading data science tools to level up decisiveness with practical business cases. It offers training in leading domains – BFSI, HR, marketing, healthcare, etc. Its immersive data science courses help experts redefine their stagnant careers according to the latest trends.

In short, Pune is filled with several data science training institutes with hands-on learning scopes. Regardless of the expensive data science course in Pune fees, working pros prefer reskilling and upskilling.


Data science is a financially rewarding career with compelling growth prospects. Amid such tech creations, reskilling and upskilling with an industry-driven data scientist course in Pune has become vital. It crafts an engaging career path for working pros from diverse backgrounds.

Enrolling in the Best Data Science Courses in Pune via a GenAI-rich course syllabus is trending. Mentorship from industry experts supports successful career transition with captivating prospects. Here, experts will gain an inclusive learning scope with 12+ real-time projects in different domains. Plus, globally accredited certifications from IBM & Microsoft unleash global-scale growth with engaging offers. Experts eager to redefine their careers can enroll in upskilling courses and revamp their success limits with proven options.

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